A beauty salon is an establishment that provides women with services to improve their beauty, such as hairdressing, manicuring, facial treatment, and massage. So if you are already planning to start your own beauty salon, you need to stop and go through my list of equipment and supplies that are essential for a salon. You should know that having the right equipment is what guarantees full customer satisfaction and also builds a good patronage. The beauty industry is getting bigger by the day. A beauty salon is very lucrative.


Of course, your first move before delving into any business is to come up with a good master plan. Research your market and draw up a business plan, and then find a good location for your business. To ensure that the salon runs efficiently, you will also need some essential equipment, supplies and furniture for your beauty salon. A number of things go into establishing a good salon; from basic things like scissors and combs to large furniture like salon chairs and trolleys. You can purchase these supplies from a wholesaler but only as much as you need and later, you can add extra supplies according to your requirement. Before buying your equipment and supplies, you should bear in mind the number of customers you want to attend to at a time and the number of workers that you are planning to employ.


You need to have the right hair brushes and hairdressing combs in your beauty salon. Here is a list:
• Square Brush
• Rattail Comb
• Wide-Toothed Comb
• Tail-End Comb
• Round Brush
• Two Vent Brushes
• Paddle Brush
• Two Smoothing Brushes
• Thermal Brush
• Teasing
• Wide- Tooth Brushes
• Rat-Tail Comb
• Two-Tail Comb
• Regular Brushes And Combs
• Pitchfork
• Rake Hair Brushes And Combs



You can ask your hairstylist for suggestions and recommendations on the types of scissors and clippers that they would like to use. Here is a sample list:

• Trimming Scissors
• Barber Scissors
• Hair Clippers
• Ridged Curling Iron
• Curling Iron
• Hair Straightener
• Big Barrel Curler
• Curling Comb Hair Dryer


To keep up with the different hair styling demands of your customers, you will need the latest hair styling tools. Always check some hair styling magazines to get an idea about the latest styling tools that are used in this business, but here is a sample list:

• Hair Straighteners
• Blow Dryers
• Diffusers
• Hair Curlers
• Hot Rollers
• Multi-Styling Kits


The other supplies that you would require for your hair salon include:

• Hair Clips
• Mixing Bowls
• Aprons
• Water Sprayers
• Applicator Brushes
• Paper Towels
• Handheld Mirrors
• Geyser
• Rubber Gloves
• Plastic Gloves
• Hair Steamers/Hair Processors
• Hood Dryers
• Shampoo Bowls


• Shampoos
• Conditioners
• Hair Straightening And Perming Kits
• Styling Gels
• Serums
• Mousse
• Hair Colors
• Hair Dyes
• Hair Extensions
• Wigs


HAIR STYLING CHAIRS: This is the most basic furniture that you will require for your hair salon. You will find a variety of hair styling chairs that comes in different colors and forms.

HAIR STYLING STATION: A hair styling station should include a mirror, storage drawers, tool compartments or tool holders and an electrical outlet. There are various designs and amenities provided with the hair styling station that you can choose from.

CARTS AND TROLLEYS: This very important furniture equipment allows hairstylist have all the styling tools right next to them while attending to a client. It enables easy storage and portability of the styling tools and keeps you organized.

RECEPTION DESK: The first place that your clients see is the reception area. So you will need a reception desk that is stylish. You can choose a large or a small reception desk; it depends on the layout of your salon, the size of your business and your budget.

WAITING AREA CHAIRS: You may not be able to attend to every client simultaneously. Clients might need to wait few minutes before their preferred stylist is free, hence the need for waiting area chairs for such clients. Waiting area seats can be either chairs or a couch, depending on your budget.

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  1. Your List is great!! Just a suggestion. Adding in Chemical Service List would be great! One for Color and one for Perms. Never the less your list was extremely helpful!


  2. I would love to get afull proposal of a vvip salon and some tips on wat it may cost me start one and how long can i receive my equipments after effecting payments. Thank


  3. I am so greatful for this list of equipment you published. But no price list. There are some equipment that are not here. Thanks all thesame.


    1. It would be difficult to create an accurate price list considering the number of varying factors. Hood dryers alone vary in price for $50-1700 and the number of stations/employees will have a large affect on your startup costs as well.


  4. Thanks for the educating on how to open a salon.Please help me with the price list of the equipments. Want establish salon business by november.


  5. Well can I get salon furnitures at good cost and salon equipment like pedicure, manicure, dryers & steamers etc combs and brushes.


  6. Hi i am opening my new saloon and my saloon area is 1800 sq ft please guide me how many cutting chair should i take and how many shampoo station and manicure padicure station .please help me out for facial kit and make up product also thanx regards sonia


  7. Hi i am opening my new saloon .i would like to know which makeup product i should use and my saloon area is 18000 sq ft so please suggests me how many cutting chair i should take r shampoo stations please guide me i am nw in this field thanx regards sonia


  8. i really appreciate this and am blessed.can u pls foward the list to my mailbox?i wuld also appreciate reading your newsletters on this issue.thank you.


  9. Can you please tell me if it can be possible for me to start a salon with the amount of ten thousand rand?0724459002


  10. thank you so much… i am planning to open my own beauty salon and the list above will help me to plan much easier and professionaly… thank you again


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